Fancy Ruler

Fancy Ruler in the summer of 2004Fancy Ruler at 23 years oldFancy Ruler in 2004Fancy Ruler in 2004

Fancy Ruler  June 12, 1982 – March 17, 2009 

Fancy Ruler is the dam of six:

Dressen Fancy (1995 GOV and Oldenburg NA Premium pinto filly and 1995 GOV Reserve North American Foal Champion- by Duellglanz);

Dancen Fancy (1996 Oldenburg pinto filly – by Duellglanz);

True Ruler (2003 pinto filly by Salute the Truth XX);

Commander, (2004 Pinto colt by IFS Contango);

Lord Baltimore (2005 Old Na Premium pinto Colt and Colt Site Champion); and,

Last Ruler (2008 pinto colt).

All of Fancy Ruler’s foals are pintos, all but one is sired by a solid colored stallion.

Fancy Ruler (pictured at 23 years of age)– is a 1982 Main Mare Book Pinto Oldenburgmare (Bold Ruler line 7/8ths TB). In 1995 Fancy Ruler was presented to the German Oldenburg Verband / Oldenburg Registry North America at an Inspection at which Dr. Roland Ramsauer officiated. Dr. Ramsauer has been both the Breeding Director for the German Oldenburg Verband (in Germany) and the Breeding Director for the Oldenburg Registry North America in the United States. It is important to note that in 1995 there was only one Oldenburg Registry in North America (which was called Oldenburg Registry North America) and it was the only legal licensee of the German Oldenburg Verband operating in the US. Dr. Ramsauer felt that Fancy Ruler was of exceptional quality with respect to her conformation, movement and pedigree and well worthy of acceptance into the Oldenburg Main Mare Book with a then high score of 6.8. Dr. Ramsauer liked Fancy Ruler so much he tired to purchase her 1995 filly at the Inspection. In 2002 Logres Farm was fortunate to obtain video of this 1995 Oldenburg Verband – Oldenburg Registry North America Inspection. We also obtained video of the German Oldenburg Verband’s 1995 Oldenburg Registry North America Foal Championships held at Hilltop Farm in September of 1995. This event at Hilltop was exclusively a competition of O and Crown branded Premium foals. Fancy Ruler’s 1995 filly – Dressen Fancy – was named 1995 Oldenburg Reserve North American Foal champion. In 2001 we tracked down Fancy Ruler, and got to know her owner Janice Rende. In 2003 we were fortunate to be allowed to purchase Fancy Ruler (and the filly at her side – a Pinto named True Ruler (by Salute The Truth). We had the shipper waiting at the time of purchase and immediately shipped Fancy Ruler to Iron Spring Farm to breed her to Contango. Commander, the 2004 Pinto stallion now in England is the result of that breeding. 

What Dr. Ramsauer did in 1995 is much the same as years ago, when some Dutch inspector approved Samber’s dam – Tina.  Essentially, in 1995 Dr. Rolland Ramsauer had the authority and DID IN FACT approve Fancy Ruler as a Main Mare Book Oldenburg Mare for both the German Oldenburg Verband and the Oldenburg Registry North America,  adding a new source of approved pinto color for Oldenburg breeding.

Tina D is  the source of Pinto color in both the Samber and Rinaldo bloodlines.  While Tina D has some attributes, she is not without the faults which plague her progeny even today, generations later.  Though he may have been acceptable for his day, Samber’s limitations are readily apparent, most notably the conformation of his front legs, especially below the knees. We have seen many club footed descendants of Samber. For this and other reasons, we feel that Samber is NOT a stallion we would want up close in a pedigree, nor would we ever want to double up on him.

Still, Samber filled a need in  the market place. For thirty years he and his progeny have produced lovely lower level horses that many owners dearly  love. While Samber’s obvious physical limitations may have been acceptable 30 years ago, we feel that he has no place in the top echelons of Warmblood breeding today.

By all accounts, Dr. Rolland Ramsauer was an excellent judge of horses; he was well aware of Tina D and her progeny. Without question Dr. Ramsauer knew what he was doing in 1995 by approving Fancy Ruler for the Oldenburg Main Mare Book (and by  giving Fancy Ruler the very high scores he gave her).   It is very easy to understand why Dr. Ramsauer offered to buy Fancy Ruler’s 1995 pinto filly Dressen Fancy.  While we acknowledge the contributions made by Tina D to Pinto Warmblood breeding, notably through Samber and Rinaldo, we believe that Fancy Ruler is every bit Tina D’s equal with respect to her quality, but without Tina’s faults.

For several years, Logres researched the history of the German Oldenburg Verband (in the USA from 1988 through to the present) and Oldenburg Pinto bloodlines, both in the USA (specifically in Maryland,  Virginia,  Pennsylvania areas) and  world wide (including the Samber, Rinaldo and Ico bloodlines). In 2001 Logres purchased an  O and Crown branded 1996 Pinto Oldenburg mare (Dancen Fancy) who was out of Fancy Ruler.  Through an internet  records search, Logres was able to find Fancy Ruler’s owner, Mrs. Janice  Rende.   Mrs. Rende graciously invited us over to see Fancy Ruler.  Though she was 19 years old at the time (and showed her age a bit), Fancy Ruler’s superb quality was obvious.  At the time, Fancy Ruler was not for sale.  However, we stayed in contact with Mrs.  Rende and – in April of  2003 – Logres Farm was thrilled to be allowed to purchase Fancy Ruler,  with the specific goal of using this grand mare as the source of approved Oldenburg Pinto color in our breeding program.

In her early years Fancy Ruler was raced and later owners used her for polo. More recently she was owned by Janice Rende, who enjoyed cross country riding. Fancy Ruler had three foals for Ms Rende and three foals for Logres (all are listed below).  It is fair to say that Fancy Ruler has done everything ever asked of her, whether it be in sport, as a riding horse or as a broodmare.  Fancy Ruler passed away peacefully in the spring of 2009.  We treasure the privilege of having had this Grand Old Lady share with us what remains of her golden years and we are forever indebted to her for her outstanding  contribution to our breeding program.

~photos in the gallery above were taken of the Grand Old Lady Fancy Ruler at 23 years of age~ below is her 2004 son Commander

Commander bred by Logres Farm by ISF Contango out of Fancy Ruler